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For many Australian sports fans, golf is a game with a long and distinguished history. Brought to Australia by the brits, the game of golf has become an esteemed sport. For many years though, competitive golf did not attract the attention of many international sport fans. Luckily that has all changed. With the arrival of young charismatic golfers, the world of golf has enjoyed renewed enthusiasm. Because of its blossoming global popularity, online golf betting has become one of the biggest internet betting markets in the world. This means that anyone in Australia can bet on any local or international golf game at any given time.

With online golf betting, punters can choose from a large number of betting options. Starting from the most basic of bets, and running all the way to the complicated prop bets. A list of basic golf bets is shown below:

  • Outright win Bet – Best suited for the novice punter, this is where a punter chooses a player they think will win the tournament. Since it’s quite difficult to pick tournament winners, the odds can be very enticing.
  • Head to Head bet – These are simple and fun bets to make. For each head to head bet, two players are pitted against each other. The punter has to decide who will have the better finish. Often, the players in a head to head bet are based on the pairings for the final two days of a tournament.
  • 3 Ball Bet – During the first two rounds of most golf tournaments, players go out in groups of three. A 3 Ball bet is a wager on which of the three players in a grouping will have the best round for a specific day.
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Golfing Prop Bets

With online golf betting, some of the more typical golf prop bets include:

  • Over/under – This is a bet on how many tournaments a player will win during a season.
  • A bet on which player will finish the year with higher rankings?
  • A bet on which player will score an eagle during the current tournament?
  • Top 10 finish – Betting on if a player will finish in the top 10
  • Top 5 finish – Betting on if a player will finish in the top 5
  • A bet on if a player score a hole in one at the tournament
  • A bet on which nationality the winner will be.
  • What will be the lowest round
  • A bet on if there will be a playoff

Getting Stared with Online Golf Betting

Although online golf betting may seem easy, there are many factors to consider. Obviously if you are going to back a certain player, you need to take into account his or her golfing history of playing at the specific tournament in question. A punter should also take into consideration whether a player is on a winning streak or is currently on form. If you are going to back a low ranked player, there should be reason behind such a decision, maybe the track record of the last few games. Sometimes young unknown players cause an upset and win a tournament keeping the game more interesting. If you are new to online golf betting and would like to know where to start, you can start right here. For your convenience we provide you with a list of the best Australian online sport betting sites.

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