Top Tennis Betting Online in Australia

In Australia, tennis is watched and loved my millions of sports fans all around the country. The high energy of and pure intensity of the game makes it the ideal sports betting. While most Australians bet on all of the international tournaments such as the Fed Cup, the Australian Open is certainly the main event for many punters. Not only is it one of the most important tennis championships in world but it is also one of the most popular sporting events in Australia. With online tennis betting, anyone in Australia can bet on any local or international tennis game with just a click of a button.

In order to understand tennis betting, a punter should first understand the various types of tennis bets that can be placed. For the novice punter, outright bets or match bets are probably the best place to start. With these types of tennis bets a punter needs only to choose who will win a match or a tournament. For more experienced punters the following best tennis bets can be placed:

  • Outright bets – These are bets that can be placed at the start of a tournament where punters bet on an individual player to win a tournament either in the men’s or woman’s division.
  • Match bets – These are bets where a punter can choose to bet on the outcome of an individual match in the tournament.
  • Set bets – These are bets where a punter can choose to bet on the winner of a particular set in a particular match in the tournament.
  • Exotic bets – In tennis betting, these are more interesting tennis bets where a punter can choose to bet on which player will win the first point,  who will have the most aces, who will win the first game, or the first set in any match or tournament.
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Tennis Bets Categories

Before diving headfirst into online tennis betting, it is important to note that competitive tennis can be broken up into various categories. To start off with, the sport can bet divided up between singles and doubles. Singles is a matchup between two players playing for the match or tournament. In doubles there are two teams consisting of two players each competing against one another for the same match. To add to this there are both men’s divisions and women’s divisions for singles and doubles. Lastly there is the mixed doubles where one man and one woman pair up to play doubles in a match. In every tournament punter can choose any of the categories in which to place his or her tennis bet.

What to Know Before Online Tennis Betting

Before placing the best tennis bets a punter should always consider the history and match statistics of the player in question. If a player has sustained an injury and has not played in a while, chances are he or she is still getting back into the swing of things. If a match is played in a player’s home country, then the mental advantage should be given to that player. Some players are better on grass courts while others do better on clay. These are some of the things a punter should take note of in tennis betting before placing any sizable bet.

If online tennis betting sounds like fun to you, then why not give it a try. To get you started we have provided you with a list of the top-rated Australian online betting sites.

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